Client Charter

st thomas aquias parents' tug of war games

St Thomas Aquinas Primary School identified clients as:

The Child
The Parents
The Teaching Staff

St Thomas Aquinas Primary School has the following aims:

To provide a sound holistic education which will develop all facets of the child.
To ensure that the parents are aware of what is on offer at the school, what is required of them and to provide avenues of communication between them, the teachers and the Head.
To ensure a happy and hardworking team of teachers.

St Thomas Aquinas Primary School undertakes:

To develop syllabi and schemes around the set subject areas that provides varied and interesting ways of presenting the subject matter.
To offer a variety of Sports and Cultural activities.
To instil a moral awareness in the children
To encourage open discussions between teachers and children so that the moral and personal issues can be aired.
To hold yearly meetings between the staff and parents so that the latter can learn what the children will be doing for the year and what is expected of them.
To provide channels of communication for parents to see the teachers and the Head in order to discuss any challenges.
To ensure that all the staff understand the standard expected of them, educationally, morally and socially by providing a staff handbook.
To have an understanding that the Head maybe approached by the Staff at any time with challenges pertaining to the School.
That all members of staff will deal with the public in a courteous and civil manner and the pupils will be fairly and justly.