Vision and Mission

st thomas aquinas primary school bulawayo zimbabwe

Vision Statement of St Thomas Aquinas Primary School

St Thomas Aquinas Primary School aims to become the school of choice in the region second only to itself by providing our pupils with a sound, holistic education which will develop all areas of a child at the same time ensuring that the parents are aware of what is on offer at the school, what is required of them, the teachers and the head and to ensure a happy and hardworking team of teachers.

Mission Statement of St Thomas Aquinas Primary School

We, St Thomas Aquinas Primary School, strive to guide our pupils towards the pursuit of Truth and the development of Christian values and principles, laying the foundation towards the healthy development of the whole person.
We strive to help foster Love, Respect and Compassion in their interpersonal relationships and to develop self confidence, Self Discipline, Co- responsibility and Tolerance.
We foster team spirit, good sportsmanship and co-operation the classroom, on the sports field and in daily living.
We endeavour to develop a Love and Enthusiasm for leaning and discovery in a friendly, positive environment.
We will guide our pupils towards an awareness of the need to care for an to respect and preserve the environment and natural resources.
We foster integrity in each pupil’s innate individual and future responsibility as women, men, wives, husbands, mothers and fathers.
We will do all this in the awareness that parents and we, the staff, are co-workers in a God- given task to whom we are lastly responsible.